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Thanks for checking out my website. Please make sure to READ the requirements before trying to make a reservation for your pup. My doggie daycare/ boarding is run out of my home. I am not a facility that you're probably used to in the lower 48. My services are very unique and not all dogs are suitable for this type of daycare. Please understand, at this time, I do not provide a "kennel" for your dog to stay in. I have no separate areas for different sizes or breeds. All must play together. I DO NOT accept last minute requests. My goal for Seward Dog Lodge is provide the safest and most fun place for your dog and others. Woof!

Daycare/Boarding Adventures Trial day required for weekly signup and/or boarding


Because we are not a kennel, we are DOG ADVENTURERS!! We love the outdoors and love taking the dogs with us.  Everyday is filled with adventures.  We understand the guilt of leaving your dog(s) alone all day while you try to enjoy your Alaskan excursion.  While you are out smelling the fresh Alaskan air, you will be comfortable knowing that your pup is having a PAWSOME time too! All of our outdoor activities are group trips, with up to 10 dogs!  If your dog DROOLS over playing with other dogs, sniffing in the woods, swimming for sticks and overall has love for people, dogs and outdoors, then Seward Dog Lodge is the place for your pup!

All RV Parks: Dog Walker


CLOSED: October 1st-April 1st

Are you travelling in a RV and/or Camper, and want to go out on Glacier tour, fishing charter or any all day Alaskan excursion, and can't stand the idea of leaving your dog(s) all day. 
 Let us ease your mind
We service ALL RV parks in and outside of Seward

A meet/greet is required before any reservation is set up, this will help your dog(s) feel more comfortable with us!

All dogs will be on-leash and have no interactions with other dogs
No proof of vaccinations required

READ THIS!!!!!! Requirements for ALL dogs that come to The Dog Lodge


* Gets along with all other types of dogs
* Spayed/ neutered by 9 months of age
* No puppies under 9 months
* Absolutely no aggression towards food, toys, territory, humans, leash, etc.  
*We cannot accept dogs that are timid with strangers
* We cannot take dogs that suffer from extreme separation anxiety.
* We cannot take dogs that have special needs and/or limited activity level
* All dogs must have trail manners, most of our dogs are OFF LEASH, if your dog is an "on leash only", please consider private visits
* All dogs must have updated vaccinations: Rabies, Dhpp, bordetella (kennel cough). 

*We will need records sent to us before any reservation is finalized

RV Parks; Dog walking service

Dogs feel the most comfortable in their own settings and routine, our dog walking service provides this, so you can enjoy your activity.

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Seward Dog Lodge

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January 16th- 26th

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